What The Heck Is Going On Between Kevin McCarthy And Marjorie Taylor Greene?

The connection between Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., took an unexpected turn on Monday when McCarthy was cited in The New York Times as promising his lifelong support to the two-term congresswoman.

McCarthy told a friend in a private chat, that was later published by the Times, he would never leave her and that he would always take care of her.

Photos of the two growing uncomfortably close on the House floor surfaced during the early January vote for House speaker. Greene surprised many when she broke ranks with her fellow conservatives and declared her unwavering support for the moderate and sometimes ineffective McCarthy.

Immediately following the GOP’s narrow victory in the midterm elections in November, she immediately lashed out at his adversaries.

In November, Greene stated on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast, “I want to tell you how short-sighted and ridiculous that is.” Greene went on to state that it was pathetic that people were running away and blaming him. Greene had a lot to say to the member of her party who were against McCarthy; she said that they were lazy, pitiful, cowardly, and had an easy mentality. They only want one thing and then to move on without completing the hard work—the genuine reforms in the Republican Party and how we fight the battle.

McCarthy swiftly reinstated Greene’s committee assignments, which had been revoked in the act of extraordinary partisanship by previous Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California. Leftists were outraged by her selection to the House Homeland Security and Oversight committees, claiming she was unfit for the coveted positions.

McCarthy spent hours on the phone attempting to convince Twitter management to reinstate her account after she was banned last year for breaching the platform’s coronavirus disinformation policy, according to the Times.


Despite rumors, it remained unclear whether there was a romantic component to the connection. Recent claims of adultery resulted in Greene’s divorce. McCarthy’s marital status is another intriguing topic.
Even though he and his wife Judy have been married since 1992 and have two grown children, McCarthy was subjected to controversy after then-Rep. Madison Cawthorn, R-N.C., said that McCarthy might be aware of drug-fueled orgies among Republican members of the Swamp. McCarthy later stated publicly that he had “lost confidence” in Cawthorn.

The nature of McCarthy’s association with his former landlord, RINO pollster Frank Luntz, who is also a close friend of Hunter Biden, prompted doubts about whether McCarthy’s unusual lifestyle may contradict his leadership skills.

McCarthy was previously accused of having an affair with former North Carolina Republican Representative Renee Ellmers, who bore a strong resemblance to Greene.

Based on an anonymous Wikipedia page, these charges were accused of derailing a previous candidacy for speaker in 2015, when the Freedom Caucus forced the departure of blubbering ex-Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio. After McCarthy pulled out, members opted for Paul Ryan, R-Michigan, an unsuccessful vice presidential contender.


Some have proposed an alternate scenario to explain Greene’s relationship with the D.C. Establishment, citing a personnel turnover as the impetus.

Under the condition of anonymity, a highly placed conservative GOP employee on Capitol Hill told Headline USA that a change in Greene’s staff appears to have greatly impacted her tilt toward the Swamp, notably when her new chief of staff, Ed Buckham, acquired the reigns.

Longtime Washington insider Buckham served as Chief of Staff to Majority Whip Tom Delay before founding the K Street lobbying firm Alexander Strategy Group. As a result of the political corruption conviction of his close partner Jack Abramoff, he was compelled to dissolve the company and leave the lobbying scene until he emerged to oversee Greene’s team.

However, some, including McCarthy, have lauded the effect that Greene’s new allies have had in easing her transition into the mainstream following a rocky first term. McCarthy stated in a brief interview with the Times that if you’re going into battle, “you want Marjorie in your foxhole.”

When she starts a fight, she will fight till the end, he continued. McCarthy went on to state that Greene reminds him of his high school classmates in the fact that they remain together through thick and thin.

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