Arizona Secretary Of State Has Filed A Criminal Referral Against Kari Lake For Tweeting About Voting Issues In Arizona

After the 2022 elections, even the most optimistic interpretation of the Arizona gubernatorial race contest reveals serious flaws. According to people with knowledge, Hobbs trailed in nearly every MSM poll, and Hobbs didn’t bother to debate Lake. Despite Lake being ahead in the polls, the fiery candidate lost to her Democratic counterpart Katie Hobbs.

On election day, a series of events left many people in doubt. Especially in Maricopa County ( a populated republican leaning county) were broken tabulators, long waits, uncounted and counted ballots mixed together, and a broken chain of custody that left many voters unsatisfied with the result.

Lake filed a lawsuit based on the above, but Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson in Maricopa County ruled against Lake. WND columnist Rachel Alexander pointed out that the situation was similar to Trump; nobody thought Trump would lose Florida in 2020 when he had a 4-point lead against Joe Biden in the polls; nobody thinks Hobbs won. This is why the left responds with such bizarre extreme fury against the right, rather than joy and gloating over their victory.

For tweeting pictures of voter signatures, Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes has filed a criminal referral against GOP gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake. Citing Lake’s tweet about a week earlier that showed 16 voter signatures, Fontes, a Democrat, sent the referral to Attorney General Kris Mayes on Monday.

In question is a January 23 Twitter post in which 16 photos of early ballot affidavits were uploaded and matched to signatures on voter registration data. Lake claims the images show that approximately 40,000 votes cast in the November election were “illegally tallied” because they did not match voter signatures on file. Hobbs was declared the winner with a margin of victory of only over 17,000 votes.

According to Fontes, Lake broke the law by disclosing unauthorized voter registration information without proper authorization. Nothing in this section shall prevent the public from inspecting voter registration records at the county recorder’s office for the purposes prescribed in this section, except that records containing a voter’s signature and e-mail address cannot be accessed or reproduced by anyone other than the voter.

Screen Shot- Kari Lake’s Twitter Account

According to the Kari Lake War Room’s reply, Adrian Fontes has asked Kris Mayes to investigate and perhaps jail @KariLake.For the ‘crime’ of sharing signature verification evidence submitted to the @AZSenateGOP and included in her complaint. “Welcome to the Banana Republic of Arizona.”

When Fontes appeared on the liberal MSNBC, he declared that he wouldn’t tolerate this foolishness under no circumstances.

The Court of Appeals has granted an expedited briefing scheduled, so another legal challenge initiated by Lake will be heard this week. Lake has also claimed that she was hurt because of major issues with vote-counting methods in Maricopa County on election day.

According to a recent story in The Epoch Times, she plans to take the case to the Supreme Court. Since it would eventually get up there anyhow, perhaps it would prefer to proceed directly there rather than to an appeal court. Regardless of the outcome, one or both parties will appeal to the Supreme Court.

Alexander stated distrust in the legal system over its inability to end voter disenfranchisement is spiraling after the court in Arizona ruled that Lake’s complaint should be thrown out.

In light of the circumstances, Alexander noted: In both Maricopa County and Arizona, Republican voters outnumber Democratic voters by 4%. Nonetheless, 14% of people switched to voting against the top Trump candidates in Arizona.

On Election Day, Lake’s team found and supplied Thompson with proof that more than 298,942 votes submitted to third-party signature verification agency Runbeck Election Services lacked a proper chain of custody. According to a Runbeck worker, at least 9,530 extra votes were produced and distributed without a proper audit trail. Over 333,472 ballots were discovered without a chain of custody, and another 25,000 ballots were discovered two days after the election. All of them would be considered class 2 misdemeanors under Arizona law.