Republican House Armed Services Committee Member Said That Biden And Harris Are Incapable Of Defending The U.S.

On Saturday, Rep. Joe Wilson, a Republican House Armed Services Committee member from South Carolina, stated that the Chinese spy balloon scandal was proof that President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris should resign from office.

Following the downing of a Chinese surveillance balloon near Wilson’s home state of South Carolina, the legislator called for Biden and Harris to resign. In the span of seven days, the unmanned surveillance aircraft traveled from Alaska to Canada to the continental United States to the eastern seaboard.

Wilson tweeted that the “catastrophic Chinese Spy Balloon” farce confirmed that President Biden and Vice President Harris should resign because it showed that many American families, from Alaska to his home state of South Carolina, were at risk. In August 2021,  Wilson also called for their resignation due to the catastrophic withdrawal and eventual capitulation in Afghanistan, which provided a safe haven for terrorists to kill American families.

Wilson said his request for their resignation was not political in 2021 when Nancy Pelosi was Speaker, and it was not political in 2023, when Kevin McCarthy, a Republican, was in that position. For American families, it makes no difference whose party is in power since competence should be the primary criterion for leadership regardless of affiliation. Unfortunately, Biden and Harris failed on this front, according to the South Carolina legislator.

Wilson added that Biden and Harris’s “open border policies” made the country less safe, adding weight to the argument that they should resign. In the event of a domestic attack, Biden and Harris will not be able to respond appropriately, he said. To save American households, we need credible leadership.

Not only did Wilson criticize the Biden administration following Saturday’s balloon shootdown, but numerous other Republican members also called the president’s response “weak.”

Another Republican from South Carolina, Rep. Russell Fry, said in a  statement: Why was the balloon permitted to travel throughout the country for so long?   If you take a close enough look, you’ll see that protecting the country’s citizens is one of the most important tasks any government can undertake. Protection is the Government’s primary role in this area. Fry’s implications were clear; by waiting, the Biden administration failed to perform its primary job, protecting its citizens.

It seems evident that “standard protocol” for the defense of U.S. airspace was “ignored,” said Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), who is the ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee. If media accounts are to be believed, the Biden administration intended to keep this episode from the American people from the beginning. Wicker called on the White House to explain the delay in informing the public. Wicker stated that the explanation for this failure needs to be explained to Congress and the American people.

Rumor has it the U.S. military is worried that China might reach the balloon wreckage before they do. The balloon was shot down about six miles off the coast of Carolina.

In response to the U.S. military shooting down the spy balloon over the Atlantic Ocean on Saturday, China’s foreign ministry claimed, without providing proof, that the balloon was a civilian object and expressed disappointment over the handling of the balloon.

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