Trump Reacts To Biden’s State Of The Union Address, Accusing Biden Of Bringing The Nation To The Brink Of World War III

Donald Trump accused his predecessor, Joe Biden, of bringing the United States to the “brink of World War III. ” In his video address, Trump promised to undo every “disaster” caused by Biden’s policies and complete America’s unfinished business if he were elected president again in 2024.

As a response to Biden’s second State of the Union address, Trump released a video statement in which Trump outlined “the real state of the union.” According to Trump, drug cartels are raking in billions of dollars by smuggling poison into the country “to kill our people and our children,” and illegal aliens from 160 different countries have poured across our southern border over the past two years under Biden.

During his speech, Trump stated that savage murderers, rapists, and violent felons are being freed from jail to continue their crime wave. According to Trump, under Biden, murder rates have reached an all-time high.

He blamed “radical Democrats” like Joe Biden for causing “the worst inflation in half a century” and “spending trillions of dollars.” He also said that the government had been turned into a weapon against its own people. Trump has claimed that he is being persecuted by Joe Biden’s “weaponized justice department” because he is one of Biden’s political opponents.

A special counsel is conducting an investigation into allegations that Trump kept classified documents relating to his presidency at his Mar-a-Lago resort. Separately, a special counsel is probing into Biden’s storage of classified documents.

During his campaign, Trump accused President Joe Biden of “waging war on free speech.”

Trump also claimed that democratic woke individuals are attempting to “indoctrinate and mutilate” American youngsters. Regarding international relations, Trump has claimed that Biden is taking us to the verge of World War III. Trump continued that Biden was the most corrupt president in American history.

Trump has promised to undo “every single crisis, calamity, and disaster” that Joe Biden has caused. Trump stated that he is running for president to end the destruction of the country and get on with making America great again.

Trump said he would make our nation better than ever, adding that he would make America great again and always prioritize America’s interests.

Trump declared his candidacy on November 15th. Indications were that Biden would wait until after his State of the Union address to reveal whether or not he would seek re-election in 2024.

According to White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates, Biden’s timetable on the decision will not be affected by the revelation of classified information found in his old office, garage, and home in Delaware. According to Bates, the president is keeping his word and removing politics from the Department of Justice, as he promised. You have heard from him directly that he plans to run, especially after his agenda produced the strongest midterms for a Democratic president in 60 years.

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