Hey Joe, The White House Is Not A Senior Assisted Living Facility

President Biden cannot recall if he has talked with East Palestine Mayor Trent Conaway about the train disaster that has devastated his little community. Still, Mayor Conaway has no reason to believe he is unconcerned.

Amid toxic criticism for his handling of the chemical spill in an Ohio farming community, President Biden sat down with ABC News’s David Muir and refuted claims that he was more concerned with demonstrating his unwavering support for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy than the safety of American citizens.

Noting that “three weeks have passed” after the Norfolk Southern train derailed, Muir informed the president that Conaway “said he saw you in Ukraine” and that it shows “he doesn’t care about us.”

Biden responded with an audible snort.

Muir said people are wondering, is the president going to Ohio?’

Do you have any plans to visit Ohio, and have you already spoken with the mayor? Muir asked.

Biden started, Let’s put this in context. Within two hours following that derailment, the Environmental Protection Agency arrived. In two hours or less, every major United States government entity with anything to do with rail or cleanup was and is there.

“In addition,” he said that he had lengthy conversations with congressmen, governors, and senators from Pennsylvania and Ohio. And he made it plain that whatever they require is available or will be made available.

“Whatever happens here,” Biden said, people need to understand that this is the railroad company’s responsibility, which has made tens of billions of dollars. Profits of tens of billions of dollars in recent years. Biden didn’t address Muir’s question, so it’s to the “World News Tonight” anchor’s credit that he asked it again.

Are you planning a trip there? Have you spoken with the mayor? Muir insisted.

Biden said he could not recall that, and he does not believe he has spoken to the mayor.” Biden added that he had spoken with everyone else there, including the senators and both governors. Biden insisted that he has spoken with everyone there is to speak with, and his administration has made it quite apparent that everything is accessible to them.

This response is far more evasive than the one he gave to a reporter on Friday when returning to Delaware. Biden’s response to the identical question was “no.” At this time, “I’m not,” he said as his brain fought to recall how he spoke with government officials on the ground through video conference.

According to American Wire News, former President Donald Trump spoke with Mayor Conaway on his recent visit to East Palestine. He labeled President Joe Biden’s decision to visit Kyiv instead of Ohio “the worst slap in the face” to the American people.

Biden has done no favors by bragging online about his administration’s approach to the East Palestine problem while forgetting whether he spoke with the mayor.

One Twitter user remarked it’s shameful that @POTUS can’t recall speaking with the mayor of East Palestine, Ohio, about the tragedy causing disease and death. Biden is indifferent to America. “Only Ukraine. RESIGN!”

“It’s normal that he can’t remember,” tweeted a second user, who added, “(Not a joke!).”

And a third pointed out something that should be painfully clear to all Americans now: “The White House is not for senior living.”