Shark Tank Star Challenges AOC To A Debate

Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary asserts that New York is “uninvestable” and dares AOC to a debate, calling her a destroyer of tens of thousands of jobs. O’Leary, a savvy entrepreneur who brokers investment deals on “Shark Tank,” asserts that many blue states governed by Democrats are “uninvestable” owing to “crazy” laws and unreasonably high taxes. O’Leary remarked on “CNN This Morning” that he no longer invests in firms in New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, or California.

According to the Canadian investor, these states are not investment-friendly. O’Leary said that the policies in New York are insane, and the taxes are excessive. O’Leary said that he puts in money in “Fargo, North Dakota.”

When asked by co-host Poppy Harlow what it was about New York that irritated the billionaire, O’Leary said, “Try to do a project in New York.”

He added that the regulatory environment is punishing. Mr. Wonderful O’Leary’s nickname on the Shark Tank) mentioned constructing a worldwide data center in upstate New York, behind the grid at Niagara Falls, for energy. Finally, the local politicians and state policy became so unfavorable that they decided to relocate the company all the way to Norway.

O’Leary said that thousands of Norwegians would benefit from employment opportunities that result from this.

O’Leary said that  New York was “Uninvestable,” he explained. “O’Leary apologized and said not to shoot the messenger. According to co-host Kaitlan Collins, New York Governor Kathy Hocul is among many who would disagree.

O’Leary challenged vehemently, “I will debate them anytime.”

He said he would specifically like to debate with New York Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, “Especially AOC,” she is an expert job killer and destroys tens of thousands of jobs daily, he added.

O’Leary was alluding to Ocasio-famed Cortez’s feud with Amazon, which in 2019 scrapped its plans for a New York City headquarters that would have created at least 25,000 new jobs. BizPac Review stated that Ocasio-Cortez railed against the incentives package that essentially granted the corporation $3 billion in tax cuts and subsidies.

While polls indicated that 70% of New Yorkers supported Amazon’s plans and investment, Amazon’s presence has been opposed by a number of state and local politicians. According to Amazon, state politicians would not work to build the relationships necessary to move forward with the project Amazon and many others envisioned in Long Island City. Amazon finally made a decision to withdraw from the deal.

The out-of-touch Ocasio-Cortez declared in a congratulatory tweet that everything is possible: today, a group of devoted, everyday New Yorkers and their neighbors fought Amazon’s corporate greed, labor abuse, and the might of the world’s richest man.

Another issue with the New York deal was where Amazon relocated their employment. O’Leary observed AOC vowed to sue if they produced employment.

Harlow opposed O’Leary’s depiction of the Amazon “tale,” whether in support of AOC or out of fear for Hochul’s anger. She added that there’s a bit more to it, but let’s not dispute that again.

O’Leary dismissed her criticism. “I apologize,” he said, adding that he was only speaking the truth.

On the Internet, O’Leary’s statements resonated with Twitter users eager to witness an O’Leary vs. Ocasio-Cortez fight. One person said they are not a fan of O’Leary, but he’s accurate. They wish he would debate AOC and that he could make her cry in five minutes.

Another Twitter user tweeted: We need many more Kevin O’Learys and far fewer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and CNN’ journalists,’

This has to upset CNN, which worships AOC to some extent, remarked a third.