Biden’s Arrogance Leaves Communities Devastated In New Mexico

Residents of New Mexico’s Navajo Nation tribe are outraged by the oil and gas drilling ban, while House Democrats maintain that the decision is in the best interest of the tribe. As per President Biden’s recent decision, for the next two decades, there will be a ban on all oil and gas drilling within a 10-mile radius of the National Historical Park at Chaco Canyon. This move has sparked anger among many Navajos, leading some …

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Shark Tank Star Challenges AOC To A Debate

Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary asserts that New York is “uninvestable” and dares AOC to a debate, calling her a destroyer of tens of thousands of jobs. O’Leary, a savvy entrepreneur who brokers investment deals on “Shark Tank,” asserts that many blue states governed by Democrats are “uninvestable” owing to “crazy” laws and unreasonably high taxes.