Biden Lied, U.S. Troops In Ukraine

Following the leaks and drip-drip of information over the previous year, one legislator has demanded an explanation from the White House. Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who has flooded the docket in recent months with resolutions aimed at getting U.S. troops out of overseas missions he believes were not authorized by Congress, is now demanding that President Joe Biden reveal how many American military personnel are currently operating in Ukraine.

Gaetz presented a resolution Monday for President Biden to provide all records related to military aid to Ukraine to the House and directing Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to divulge the number of U.S. service troops deployed to Ukraine without legislative consent.

Gaetz introduced his so-called “privileged” resolution, which has been given precedence over ordinary House business. If enacted, it requires Biden to tell the House of the number of U.S. troops stationed in Ukraine and provide copies of all documents outlining plans for U.S. military assistance to Ukraine. This comes after Massachusetts Air National Guardsman Jack Teixeira was charged last week with espionage for keeping and disclosing confidential materials under the Espionage Act. 

According to Gaetz, one of the papers purportedly posted onto a Discord internet group chat in March 2023 depicts 14 U.S. special troops stationed in Ukraine.   According to the leaked documents, 97 NATO special soldiers were operating within Ukraine as of March 2023.

In spite of the appearance that “14 special forces” is a drop in the bucket, the revelations over the past year are a collection of other information that, when added up, leaves more questions than answers, and according to (Ret.) Lt. Col. Daniel Davis, the American people have a right to know.

It is absolutely necessary that the American people understand whether U.S. forces are engaged in military operations in Ukraine. To insist on a change if the answer is not acceptable, Davis said when questioned about the Gaetz proposal. There are far too many examples in American history of presidents secretly employing U.S. troops without the consent or knowledge of the people. When presidents go clandestine with the military, things usually go wrong.

According to previous reports, the C.I.A. had a major presence in Ukraine beginning in June 2022, employing a network of commandos and spies among European allies set up to give essential weaponry and military intelligence to Ukraine. The New York Times reports that even as the Biden administration has declared that no troops will be deployed to Ukraine, the Central Intelligence Agency has continued to operate secretly in the country, mostly in Kyiv, directing the massive amounts of intelligence shared by the United States with Ukrainian forces.

Dr. Colin Kahl, the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, informed Gaetz earlier this year that “a couple dozen” Department of Defense officers are stationed at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. Last Monday, Pentagon Inspector General Robert said that 20 personnel are supervising Ukraine aid in the region, primarily in Germany.

Gaetz said the Biden Administration and other allied countries have been misleading the world about the state of the war in Ukraine. Gaetz added the administration must be completely transparent to the American people when it is risking war with a nuclear adversary by having special forces operating in Ukraine.

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