Gaetz Takes Down FBI Director with a Savage Comeback – You Won’t Believe His Words

The exchange between Republican Representative Matt Gaetz and FBI Director Christopher Wray during a recent House Judiciary Committee hearing left Wray humiliated and exposed. Gaetz, known for his aggressive style and commitment to addressing the corruption surrounding President Joe Biden’s administration, used his allotted questioning time to grill Wray on the mishandling of the Hunter Biden laptop investigation and the violation of Americans’ rights through warrantless searches. Gaetz began by referencing the infamous WhatsApp message …

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Biden Lied, U.S. Troops In Ukraine

Following the leaks and drip-drip of information over the previous year, one legislator has demanded an explanation from the White House. Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who has flooded the docket in recent months with resolutions aimed at getting U.S. troops out of overseas missions he believes were not authorized by Congress, is now demanding that President Joe Biden reveal how many American military personnel are currently operating in Ukraine.