Gaetz Takes Down FBI Director with a Savage Comeback – You Won’t Believe His Words

The exchange between Republican Representative Matt Gaetz and FBI Director Christopher Wray during a recent House Judiciary Committee hearing left Wray humiliated and exposed. Gaetz, known for his aggressive style and commitment to addressing the corruption surrounding President Joe Biden’s administration, used his allotted questioning time to grill Wray on the mishandling of the Hunter Biden laptop investigation and the violation of Americans’ rights through warrantless searches.

Gaetz began by referencing the infamous WhatsApp message on Hunter Biden’s laptop, where he threatened to leverage his father’s influence against a Chinese business partner. Gaetz asked Wray if he intentionally avoided the issue or protected the Bidens. The five-minute exchange was devastating for Wray and gratifying for the millions of Americans who believe the Washington establishment operates with impunity in service of the Democratic Party agenda and the Biden administration.

While the entirety of Wray’s testimony is worth watching, the climax occurred around the 4:40 mark when Gaetz exposed Wray’s evasive and untruthful answers, which have eroded the American public’s trust in the FBI. A Harvard-Harris poll from May revealed that 70 percent of Americans are either “very concerned” or “somewhat concerned” about the FBI’s interference in elections, reminiscent of the distrust East Germans had for the Stasi.

Gaetz was very direct in his statement, pointing out that Wray is in charge of the FBI, an organization that currently has the least amount of trust in its entire history. According to Gaetz, people trusted the FBI more during J. Edgar Hoover’s leadership than they do now. He believes that Wray’s responses lack clarity and are proven to be false by the courts.

According to Gaetz, Wray did not condemn an act of extortion that was occurring right in front of us. Gaetz believes that this gives the impression that Wray is trying to conceal the actions of dishonest individuals. Gaetz states that there is an obvious shakedown happening before us and that the FBI is attempting to cover up the conduct of corrupt individuals.

One might have expected Wray to accept the tongue-lashing and remain silent. A better man would have come clean about the FBI’s shortcomings. However, Wray chose a different path. Wray condescendingly responded, “Respectfully, congressman, in your home state of Florida, the number of people applying to work for us and dedicate their lives to our cause has increased by over 100 percent.”

What Wray aimed to achieve with this irrelevant factoid remains unclear, especially considering its dubious source. However, Gaetz wasted no time in delivering a sharp response: “We are incredibly proud of those applicants, and they deserve better than you.”

While the worthiness of those applicants can be debated, given Florida’s diverse population and the significant number of Democrats in the state, it is crucial for all Americans, regardless of party affiliation, to have an FBI they can trust to carry out its law enforcement duties without engaging in political opportunism.

What Americans do not need is a director of federal law enforcement who excels at deceiving and manipulating the truth. Unfortunately, the Bidens currently occupy that role.