Joe Biden is Preparing to Pardon Hunter

Hunter Biden’s father, Joe Biden, is already attempting to prepare the public for a pardon. Biden’s attorneys believe they can clear him of all the crimes the entire Biden family committed by accusing Hunter of petty infractions. Hunter could only plead guilty to a lesser charge and escape with a warning. Joe Biden, the president, can help him remove anything that sticks later when everyone’s memories won’t be as fresh.

There are some minor problems with that; a few will be made public on Wednesday.

The fix to the Hunter Biden story is a pardon. It is apparent to those following the events in Washington, D.C., that Biden is preparing to pardon his son. Since Merrick Garland is in a tight spot, he will likely be forced to indict Hunter. Years of investigation into Hunter’s purported crimes have resulted in nothing except false accusations against Donald Trump.

Joe Biden blew off a press conference by saying he had to attend a press conference. His staff swiftly disguised his dementia by explaining it was an “interview”  recorded on Friday.

Joe “finally addressed the possibility of his son facing charges” under closely monitored conditions. Without using the word “pardon,” he downplayed it as nothing significant.

Biden also dismissed the possibility that it would affect his time in office. After seeing the interview,  James Comer warned Department officials not to indict Hunter before Wednesday.

Before painting a positive picture of the individual who struggled with filling out a firearms registration form, it would be wise for the House committee to examine the existing evidence thoroughly. Based on the evidence, the IRS, Department of Justice, and FBI have not fulfilled their duties due to corruption, partisanship, and more.

On Sunday, Comer made a humorous comment about discussing a pardon. However, once you have the opportunity to examine the evidence that the House Oversight Committee will present, you will understand that this matter is not solely focused on the president’s son. The evidence will show the various LLCs involved and the number of adversarial countries the family has influenced. It’s not just one individual but rather the entire family.

Comer plans to reveal all the information they received regarding bank records on Wednesday, indicating the involvement of the entire Biden family. The reveal will include details of various LLCs and transactions that show what family members have received from sources around the world. It is evident that Joe cannot avoid being scrutinized.

Despite his and his press secretary’s repeated lies to the American people, mounting evidence indicates Biden’s involvement. It is becoming increasingly clear that Biden played a role in everything. A wire transfer leaked to the press some time ago displayed a payment of over $1,000,000 from a single LLC divided among four members of the Biden family. Comer said that they would produce more LLCs and bank accounts that show additionally Biden members also benefited. Comer stated that it is much bigger than what everyone believes.

Hunter’s pardon plan depends on the public’s opinion that “he’s a great family man… He was the poorest member of Congress, a moderate Democrat, lunch pail Joe, working-class Joe, an amazing father, and a compassionate person due to his life’s traumas. He is making a play on that. Prepare for an eventful news week as we dive into some interesting topics. Hold on tight!