Biden’s Legal Woes Multiply as DeSantis Drops Massive Lawsuit

The Biden family faces multiple challenges, and Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida apparently wants to contribute to their difficulties. On Thursday, DeSantis, a Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential race, filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration intending to safeguard freedom in higher education. In an official statement, DeSantis criticized President Joe Biden’s Department of Education directly.

Expressing his concerns, DeSantis stated, “I refuse to allow Joe Biden’s Department of Education to defund Florida’s top-ranked higher education system simply because we refuse to submit to unaccountable accrediting bodies who believe they should control our public universities.” The lawsuit revolves around the Biden administration’s approval of various private accrediting agencies as the sole authorities responsible for determining which universities and colleges qualify for federal funding from the Department of Education.

To be eligible for federal funding, educational institutions must be accredited by one of these private accrediting bodies. Florida has raised objections to the system and has criticized the lack of transparency in the selection process of the gatekeepers involved.

The complaint highlights the issue: In the realm of higher education, Congress has delegated unchecked authority to private accrediting agencies to dictate educational standards for colleges and universities while simultaneously prohibiting the U.S. Department of Education from meaningfully reviewing, approving, or rejecting these standards.

Governor DeSantis emphasized that he placed great importance on transparency and accountability in higher education during his time as governor. He shifted the focus of Florida’s colleges and universities from promoting harmful ideologies to prioritizing truth and preparing students for success. The Biden administration’s attempts to impede these reforms constitute an abuse of federal power, and through this lawsuit, we will ensure that Florida’s commitment to educational excellence persists.”

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has joined the governor in this legal action. Moody expressed her support, stating, “For far too long, private academic accrediting bodies have held our public postsecondary education system hostage. Thanks to Governor DeSantis’s fearless leadership, we are fighting to reclaim control over our colleges and universities from unelected private organizations that lack accountability or oversight.”

DeSantis has consistently advocated for transparency and educational freedom, making this lawsuit a predictable move. However, for Biden, it is merely the latest addition to a series of damaging public relations challenges.

While grappling with the DeSantis lawsuit, President Biden is also facing scrutiny over his son Hunter, who is embroiled in several legal issues, including tax charges. Many individuals on the right have criticized the relatively lenient punishment received by Hunter Biden in a recent plea agreement, citing it as evidence of nepotism and a double standard in the justice system. Furthermore, Biden is contending with impeachment proceedings in the House related to the crisis at the southern border.

Nonetheless, even if none of these legal issues yield substantial consequences, Biden’s most significant and persistent problem remains his historically low popularity as he seeks re-election in 2024.