Progress! New Legislation To Prevent China From Procuring U.S. Farmland

A congresswoman from Texas has introduced a bill to restrict the purchase of farmland in the United States by hostile foreign powers, particularly China. On June 9, House Committee on Ways and Means member Rep. Beth Van Duyne (R-Texas) introduced the bill. The Protecting American Farmland Act (H.R.3996) seeks to change the Internal Revenue Code to prevent ‘country of concern’ buyers from concealing their acquisitions of U.S. farmland to avoid paying the 60 percent exercise …

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The Resolution of the Debt Ceiling Crisis, Results in Huge Implications for Student Loan Borrowers

Student loan payments were paused for three years due to COVID-19. However, with the recent bill addressing the country’s debt ceiling crisis, these payments are now scheduled to resume. The provision in the bill specifies that student loan protocols will return to normal “60 days after June 30, 2023,” as stated in the Fiscal Responsibility Act, making August 29 the resumption date.

Joe Biden Driving More Companies to Bankruptcy

U.S. corporations are experiencing a surge in bankruptcy filings, reaching the highest rate since 2010. Despite the S&P recently hitting 2023 high, this bankruptcy crisis indicates a tightening credit squeeze due to rising interest rates and limited access to financial markets for all but the most creditworthy borrowers.

Is America Becoming Nonchalant About Inflation?

During the mid-term elections, Americans were preoccupied with inflation. A Gallup poll indicated one in five respondents deemed it the nation’s most pressing issue. Fast forward to today, America’s r focus is elsewhere. Inflation currently falls behind government leadership and the “economy in general” and just ahead of immigration and firearms; only 9% of Gallup respondents now cite inflation as the most significant problem. Inflation was scarcely mentioned in the debate in Washington over raising the debt ceiling.