As Consumers Pay More For Everything,  Crazy Biden Is Finding News Ways To Hurt The Wallets Of Average Americans

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden announced plans to require that two-thirds of all new car sales in the United States by 2032 be electric vehicles and to impose the “strictest-ever” emissions restrictions on gasoline-powered vehicles. As with much of Biden’s green agenda, the proposals will lead to an increase in costs for the average American while boosting profits for Democratic megadonors.

Biden Comes Under Assault for Rising Gas Prices

According to AAA, the average nationwide price for a gallon of normal gasoline is $3.56, up from $3.49 a week ago and $3.41 a month ago. Gasoline prices in the United States have continued to soar this week, reaching their highest level in months.

Huge Deficit In California Budget Already Causing Chaos As The State Considers Reparations For Past Slavery

Honestly, California has become the new socialist elite. Despite a huge deficit, the state is giving free tiny homes and tax credits for movie and production companies. On top of that, the state is considering reparations to the tune of over sixty billion dollars. A move that will harm other minorities that live in the state, slash budgets for other incentives and harm taxpayers for years to come, all the while putting thousands of dollars into the hands of people who are decades removed from their ancestors.

Biden’s Economy A Dismissal Failure That’s Imploding Everywhere

The Biden Economy, which Joe Biden described as “robust” on Monday morning, appears to be collapsing everywhere and everywhere at once. Charles Schwab’s shares plunged more than 20% as a result of Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse, resulting in trading for Charles Schwab being halted. This nightmare has even harmed a few Etsy merchants.

Trump Promises To Reduce US Reliance On China In 4 Years

Trump, if elected, promises to halt all “essential” Chinese imports within four years and criticizes Biden’s ‘pro-China’ policy. The former and would-be-future president presented a new plan to reform the U.S. commercial relationship with Beijing on Monday as part of a wave of anti-China rhetoric sweeping through Washington in the aftermath of last month’s Chinese spy balloon incident.

Biden’s 2023 Tax Increases: What You Need To Know

Do you feel like you’re paying too much for your energy expenses at home now? You won’t know how bad it is until the Inflation Reduction Act’s three primary energy taxes begin taking a bite out of your bank account. Several tax increases were included in the Democratic Party’s Inflation Reduction Act enacted in 2022 and are due to go into effect on January 1, 2023.

Yellen Calls for the Nation’s Debt Limit to Be Raised

Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen urged Congress to raise the nation’s statutory debt limit to a level that would not be reached until after the 2024 election, thereby neutralizing the ability of Republicans to prevent the U.S. from paying its bills to gain Democratic concessions.