Violent Disney Brawl Caught on Video Sparks Security Intervention

ANAHEIM, California – A disturbing video emerged this week, capturing a violent altercation between two guests at Disneyland California Adventure. The footage, shared on social media platforms, shows a physical brawl involving multiple women at Pixar Pier, a popular area within the theme park. Initially posted on Instagram by user @714.layla_, the video was later reposted by @santaanaproblems, drawing attention to the violent incident. In the video, three adult women are seen attacking another woman …

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Mickey Mouse Horror Film Adds Dark Twist to 1928 Disney Classic

Los Angeles, Calif. – In an unexpected twist, the iconic character of Mickey Mouse is set to star in a horror-comedy film now that the 1928 Disney short film “Steamboat Willie” has become part of the public domain. This means that independent filmmakers now have the ability to create their own stories featuring the beloved character. “Steamboat Willie,” directed by Walt Disney, is a groundbreaking 8-minute short that introduced the world to Mickey Mouse. It …

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“Mickey’s Mouse Trap” Trailer Unveils Dark and Twisted Side of Disney Icon in Public Domain Debut

Orlando, Florida – The trailer for the film “Mickey’s Mouse Trap” has taken the internet by storm with a surprising twist on the beloved Disney character. Released on the day Steamboat Willie entered the public domain, the horror comedy film portrays Mickey Mouse in a new and unexpected light as a masked killer. The trailer opens with a chilling scene featuring a figure in a Mickey Mouse costume without the familiar white gloves and cheerful …

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From Hollywood to Beijing: Katzenberg’s Chinese Adventure Fuels Biden’s Campaign

Despite their extensive ties to China, a former Disney CEO and his wife recently donated over $1.7 million to a joint fundraising committee authorized by President Biden’s campaign. On April 25, Biden’s campaign announced that Jeffrey Katzenberg, former head of Disney and DreamWorks Animation, would be one of its national co-chairs. On April 27, Marilyn Katzenberg donated $889,600 to the Biden Victory Fund, the joint fundraising vehicle for the campaign, as recorded by the Federal …

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DeSantis Moves To Disqualify Judge On Disney Case

Governor Ron DeSantis has requested the disqualification of a federal judge from the First Amendment lawsuit brought by Disney against him and his appointees. The governor’s attorney filed a motion in federal court in Tallahassee, claiming that Chief U.S. District Judge Mark Walker’s prior statements in unrelated cases have raised doubts about his impartiality regarding the state’s efforts to take control of Disney World’s governing body.

Democrats’ Logic Defies Reasons;  DeSantis Is A Fascist, But Newsome Is A Hero?

The left considers Ron DeSantis a fascist, but Gavin Newsom is a hero for doing something similar. In fact, Newsom picked on a company that was trying to avoid a legal dispute, whereas DeSantis defended a popular bill that Disney attacked. Newsom’s attack on Walgreens makes no logical sense; Walgreens was merely trying to comply with all the various laws in different states, which ultimately caused Newsom to go after the company.