Disney To Withdraw From Politically Prejudiced Left-wing Programming

The Walt Disney Firm is preparing to withdraw from politically prejudiced left-wing programming, with the company’s returning CEO reportedly admitting as much in an internal company town hall.

Christopher Rufo, a writer and filmmaker uploaded a video of Disney CEO Bob Iger declaring his intention to withdraw from political programming on Tuesday.

Iger asked if anyone thought he enjoyed the fact that the corporation is mired in controversy. He said he does not and that it is distracting and negatively influences the business. And to the degree he will try to calm things down, Iger added, referring to Disney’s role on the left wing of the American cultural war.

Disney’s woke programming has not only harmed the company’s reputation among customers, but it has also strained its relationship with a state that is critical to its bottom line. During the town hall, Iger expressed sadness that Disney had turned against Florida.

H was sorry to see Disney pulled into that war, he remarked in another video provided by Rufo. Iger went on to say that he has no clue what the repercussions are regarding the business itself. The executive was referring to the company’s legal wrangling with Florida over the Parental Rights in Education Act, which prohibits sexual indoctrination of young kids.

Iger appears to have emphasized his desire to reestablish Disney’s relationship with the Sunshine State. The state of Florida has always been important to Disney, and Disney has always been equally as important to the state of Florida, he added. Iger mentioned that he was very conscious of and would express that sentiment if given the opportunity.

Iger, the returning CEO, who re-took position with Disney after Bob Chapek was fired, did challenge the concept that everything released was “political.”

According to Iger, some things that have proven controversial as they pertain to Disney have been labeled political, and he doesn’t necessarily believe they are.

A multibillion-dollar entertainment company’s attack on the state over parental rights proved disastrous. The corporation has demonstrated a propensity to advertise pro-LGBT content to kids, to the point where some American conservatives have vowed to boycott the company.

In footage supplied by Rufo, Disney executives were seen pushing such programs amid the struggle over Florida law. In one footage, an executive producer boasted about incorporating her “not-at-all-secret lesbian agenda” into children’s programs.

Another included a senior executive vowing that as the mother of 2 children, one a transgender and the other a pansexual child, she would ensure that there were many LGBTQIA characters in her writings.

In that vein, the studio has released not one but two children’s films containing LGBT themes that were completely unrelated to the plot: “Lightyear” and “Strange World,” both of which tanked at the box office.

In a Thursday interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis responded to Disney’s U-turn, claiming the business had brought anger upon itself.

“We didn’t drag them in,” DeSantis explained. Disney stepped in on their own, not just opposing the measure but threatening to repeal it.

DeSantis and the Florida legislature stripped Disney of major tax breaks granted by the state in exchange for its political involvement. Since Iger’s return, rumors swirled that the state would reconsider some of its decisions; on Friday, DeSantis denied a report that the state might reverse its decision to dissolve Disney’s special governing district.

The governor’s spokesperson said DeSantis “does not make U-turns.”