Republicans’ New Message To Woke Corporations – Get Out Of Politics

In September, the American Conservative Union circulated a “woke congressional leadership pledge” to Republican candidates seeking leadership positions. The message was in regards to a new unified approach to censuring firms that have gone woke. Supporting this concept was the first step in earning their support.

Biden’s Woke Agenda is Harming OurĀ  Military

Mike Pompeo, the former secretary of state, claims his new job is to fight “a woke military.” Pompeo graduated from West Point and served as an Army officer in Germany during the Cold War. Now he’s waging a campaign against what he terms “woke policies” by the Biden administration, which is aimed at the armed services.

DeSantis – The Woke Die in Florida

Governor DeSantis is determined to stop woke ideology in the sunshine state, and he has a lot of people supporting him. In his campaign rally, DeSantis attacked “critical race theory,” and vowed to reject school lockdowns and to “keep woke gender ideology out of schools.”