Recession Warnings Escalate as Principal Economic Indicator Declines Again

The Conference Board’s pivotal economic metric has decreased for the 17th consecutive month due, in part, to the Federal Reserve’s aggressive rate hikes. The Leading Economic Index (LEI), a predictive gauge comprising ten distinct indicators, diminished by 0.4 percent in August, marking a six-month decrease of 3.9 percent in the LEI measure, engineered to forecast business cycle alterations, including recessions. A senior manager at the Conference Board, Justyna Zabinska-La Monica, pointed out that the US …

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Biden’s 2024 Campaign Exposes a Startling Departure from Reality: Prepare to Be Amazed

President Joe Biden kick-started his bid for re-election in Philadelphia by addressing union members, aiming to solidify his backing among working-class voters, particularly those of Caucasian descent. The rally held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center drew attention to Biden’s significant support from labor unions, representing approximately 18 million workers nationwide. This early endorsement from prominent unions, including the AFL-CIO, which consists of 60 unions and over 12.5 million workers, marked the earliest endorsement in U.S. …

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Is America Becoming Nonchalant About Inflation?

During the mid-term elections, Americans were preoccupied with inflation. A Gallup poll indicated one in five respondents deemed it the nation’s most pressing issue. Fast forward to today, America’s r focus is elsewhere. Inflation currently falls behind government leadership and the “economy in general” and just ahead of immigration and firearms; only 9% of Gallup respondents now cite inflation as the most significant problem. Inflation was scarcely mentioned in the debate in Washington over raising the debt ceiling.