A Federal Judge Halts Gavin Newsom’s Assault On Free Speech.

Honestly, the pickings can be very thin for every party at times, but this is absurd: After January 20, 2025, Joe Biden’s chances of running for president again diminished, while California Governor Gavin Newsom has become the Democratic party’s rising star.

Yes, that Gavin Newsom, who is ruthlessly wrecking California with ever more intrusive and costly socialist measures that are causing Californians to depart in droves: the state is seeing its first population decrease in recorded history.

But Newsom is popular among Leftists because he is a socialist, an authoritarian who readily violates the First Amendment in his desire to repress dissent. As the Left becomes more outspoken about its opposition to our Constitutional liberties, Newsom’s contempt for the freedom of expression makes him appear to be a popular future Democratic president if Biden does not run.

In September 2022, Governor Newsom signed Assembly Bill 2098, prohibiting the transmission of “misinformation” regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. According to an article posted in San Francisco Gate on Thursday, it set sanctions for physicians who deviated from “the contemporary scientific consensus” on COVID-19.

Newsom’s plan appears more pernicious now that this “consensus” was based more on groupthink and political goals rather than on impartial and objective scientific study. As it turns out, “misinformation” and “disinformation” are labels that today’s enemies of freedom used to prohibit speech that interferes with their mission while deceiving Leftist dupes into believing they’re performing a useful public service.   The release of the Twitter Files has shown how far the Left went in blocking information that did not comport or align with their ideas. Some are from well-established medical professionals and professors at elite schools. For more information, check out https://republicanballotnews.com/twitter-files-show-that-big-pharma-was-pressuring-twitter/

Unsurprisingly, Newsom is an enthusiastic supporter of such deceptions.

According to the governor, this fascist bill was great. This law applies only to licensees acting maliciously or blatantly departing from the required level of care when directly interacting with a patient under their care. The Gate writes, however, that in an SFGATE op-ed last year, California physician Dr. Tracy Beth Heg claimed that AB 2098’s definition of misinformation was too wide and that ‘the contemporary scientific consensus’ is always evolving.

Indeed. This is the most evident fact regarding COVID at this moment. Therefore, Heg and other physicians filed a lawsuit against the state, saying that the statute violates the First Amendment’s free speech and due process rights, which it does.

Now, a federal judge acknowledges this fact. Judge William B. Shubb struck down Newsom’s free-speech-stifling measure on Wednesday. The Judge had hard words; in his opinion, certain scientific conclusions are clear, such as that apples contain sugar, a virus causes measles, and that chromosomal abnormalities cause Down’s syndrome. AB 2098 does not refer to such fundamental truths as a scientific consensus but rather to COVID-19, an illness that has only been studied by scientists for a few years and whose scientific conclusions are widely challenged. COVID-19 is a rapidly emerging scientific field lacking consensus in many areas.

Imagine if Gavin Newsom had the extraordinary opportunity to be on Earth in 1632. Without a doubt, he would have been among those demanding that Galileo adhere to the scientific consensus that the sun circled the Earth, and he would have been one of the first to request that Galileo be burned as a heretic if he continued to assert differently. Gavin Newsom would have been a dedicated Inquisitor, even though the contents of orthodoxy and heresy have changed.

Judge Shubb further humiliated California’s Grand Inquisitor by pointing out that AB 2098’s definition of “misinformation” was “grammatically inconsistent,” hence “unconstitutionally ambiguous.” Shubb had indicated he would approve the doctors’ motion at a Monday hearing in which he told California’s attorneys that their definition of “misinformation” was “nonsense,” according to The Gate article.

The Gate reports that Shubb’s judgment was not a final ruling on the validity of the law but simply a temporary hold on enforcement while the litigation progresses. California may appeal to get the injunction lifted, and you can be certain it will. Although not widely known among patriots, the war on free speech is the Left’s priority. If Leftists can demolish it under the pretense of protecting the people from “hate speech” and “misinformation,” they will be free to enact the rest of their nefarious plan. This tiny win against AB 2098 should therefore be praised and replicated.

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