Can Jordan Get The Votes? Two Possible Scenarios For Electing The Next Speaker

Republican Ohio Representative Jim Jordan plans to call for a vote on his quest for speaker on the House floor on Tuesday, according to a source who spoke to Fox News about the situation. The source noted that most members will be back at the Capitol on Tuesday, making it an ideal day for a floor vote by the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, who on Friday won the nomination for speakership in a vote …

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From Wrestling Rings to Speaker’s Chair? Trump’s Unexpected Pick for House Leadership

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) has received an official endorsement from former President Donald Trump for the position of Speaker of the House. This endorsement comes ahead of the lawmakers’ return to the Capitol next week. Jordan, who currently heads the House Judiciary Committee and is the founder of the House Freedom Caucus, is perceived as a favorite for the role by several House Republicans. This reaction comes after Kevin McCarthy was removed as Speaker. Jordan …

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Republicans Launch Bold Move To Erase Trump’s Impeachments

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy expressed his support on Friday for expunging the two impeachments of Donald Trump. This comes as Republican allies of the former president introduced proposals to effectively erase the historical charges. McCarthy, along with Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene and Elise Stefanik, is of the opinion that the charges against Trump from both impeachments in 2019 and 2021 should be removed. McCarthy stated that it is appropriate to do so, emphasizing that those …

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Kevin McCarthy Finally Wins Speaker Of The House

Round 15 was sure to be it, with congress chanting one more round. It was the Democrats that were pushing the 15th round. Perhaps sensing an end in sight when Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Lauren Boebert (R-CO) voted present in the 14 round.