The Twitter Files Reveal the Error of the Press and Big Brother Watching

Hamilton 68, was a digital dashboard intended for journalists and academics to measure Russian misinformation. Twitter was worried enough by Hamilton 68’s allegations to conduct a forensic examination, which revealed that of 644 accounts, only 36 were registered in Russia, most of which were affiliated with the Russian news organization RT.

Republicans To Launch Probe About Twitter’s Suppression of Tweets

After Twitter’s release of internal documents, Republicans intensified calls for Twitter to be investigated. The platform’s coverage of the president’s son, Hunter Biden, has come under scrutiny following the release of information concerning the company’s handling of the 2020 elections and suppressions materials that might have changed the election results.

The Twitter Files Continues: Ban on Trump and J6

Matt Taibbi promised his readers they would reveal what has not been revealed: the erosion of company standards before J6 and high-ranking executives violating their policies, among other things, while federal agencies continue to interact with them in an ongoing, documented manner.

The third installment covers the period of October 2020 through January 6. Read on to find out the details.