The Government’s New Over Reach: The Restrict Act

Even if you feel that governments should not be in the business of outlawing popular communication technologies, the specifics of the government’s agenda to remove TikTok from the United States should cause you to worry. Politicians, predictably, are leveraging suspicions that the popular social media platform is spying for the Chinese government to propose sweeping legislation that threatens to harm far more than just one app.

Graham Offers Trump Some Advice on How To Avoid Prosecution

On Twitter, Graham pondered the question of how President Trump could avoid prosecution in New York. Of course, Graham even found a potential answer. His advice to Donald Trump was to break some windows, loot a few stores and attack a policeman on the way to the DA’s office.

Mackey Found Guilty Over A 2016 Anti-Hillary Clinton Meme, Faces Prison Time

This Friday, the new Leftist banana republic regime targeted, simply for their opposition to that dictatorship, a 33-year-old Trump supporter named Douglass Mackey. Mackey was found guilty of election meddling and faced up to ten years in jail for a meme he posted during the 2016 election. You read that correctly: a meme.

Huge Deficit In California Budget Already Causing Chaos As The State Considers Reparations For Past Slavery

Honestly, California has become the new socialist elite. Despite a huge deficit, the state is giving free tiny homes and tax credits for movie and production companies. On top of that, the state is considering reparations to the tune of over sixty billion dollars. A move that will harm other minorities that live in the state, slash budgets for other incentives and harm taxpayers for years to come, all the while putting thousands of dollars into the hands of people who are decades removed from their ancestors.

Bragg’s Indictment Against Trump In Peril

The grand jury that is looking into whether President Trump paid hush money to two women who accused him of having relationships in 2016 has canceled its meeting for Wednesday. Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan district attorney sponsored by George Soros, has been attempting to arrest Donald Trump for allegedly making indirect payments in 2016 to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal to silence their allegations of relationships against him. According to two law enforcement personnel, the …

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A Bomb Threat And Steele Barriers Herald The Potential Indictment Of President Trump

On Tuesday, a lower Manhattan court housing a civil lawsuit against former President Donald Trump received a fake bomb threat, momentarily suspending proceedings. The New York Police Department (NYPD) has also deployed 700 riot cops, and in anticipation of civil disorder, the Manhattan Criminal Court has been surrounded by steel barricades.