The Truth Behind DeSantis’s Warning To Apple

DeSantis, the governor of Florida, criticized Apple on Tuesday for Elon Musk’s claims that the company threatened to remove Twitter from its App Store. He also criticized Apple for its history of cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party.

The  Search for Trump’s New Running Mate Begins

Since the formal announcement of former President Donald Trump’s third presidential bid on Tuesday, speculations and conjecture have already begun regarding his potential running partner for 2024.

Republicans’ New Message To Woke Corporations – Get Out Of Politics

In September, the American Conservative Union circulated a “woke congressional leadership pledge” to Republican candidates seeking leadership positions. The message was in regards to a new unified approach to censuring firms that have gone woke. Supporting this concept was the first step in earning their support.

GOP Success In Florida Can Be An Example For 2024

How did the GOP achieve such success in Florida? What were their differences? Rep. Carlos Giménez, R-Florida, spoke on “Sunday Night in America” to highlight Florida’s transformation into a solidly red state following the midterm elections. The state has become so Republican that the Democrats have written off the state. They poured a minimum amount of money into their candidates. Democratic sponsors called the state a lost cause.

Trump: It’s Time To Get Rid Of The Communist Left

Former President Donald Trump urged his Miami followers to vote for Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis, Marco Rubio, and every other Republican on the ballot in Tuesday’s midterm elections. He also said a message must be sent to the communist left by voting for Republicans.

When Does Donald Trump Plan To Announce His Bid For President?

Former President Donald Trump is expected to declare a White House re-election candidacy before the end of November, according to sources familiar with the matter, putting him at the focus of attention as Republicans seek to capitalize on momentum ahead of Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Sleepy Joe Biden Only Concerned About Bussed Migrants in Blue Cities

Although Biden discusses the migrant crisis, he does not discuss the border crisis. An administration official stated on Thursday that the Biden administration is continuing to keep a close eye on the prospect of Republican governors secretly bringing groups of migrants to Democratic areas. The official was speaking on behalf of the government.