Biden’s Woke Agenda is Harming OurĀ  Military

Mike Pompeo, the former secretary of state, claims his new job is to fight “a woke military.” Pompeo graduated from West Point and served as an Army officer in Germany during the Cold War. Now he’s waging a campaign against what he terms “woke policies” by the Biden administration, which is aimed at the armed services.

Trump to Declare Which Documents Were Planted by the FBI

The special master designated to analyze documents taken by federal investigators at Donald Trump’s Florida resort has given the former president until next Friday to back up his claim that the FBI planted evidence during the August 8 search.

Sleepy Joe Biden Only Concerned About Bussed Migrants in Blue Cities

Although Biden discusses the migrant crisis, he does not discuss the border crisis. An administration official stated on Thursday that the Biden administration is continuing to keep a close eye on the prospect of Republican governors secretly bringing groups of migrants to Democratic areas. The official was speaking on behalf of the government.

DOJ Allowed to Continue Their Diabolical Criminal Investigation Against Trump

A federal court temporarily blocked the government from utilizing secret materials to investigate whether the former president improperly kept national defense documents. An appeals court on Wednesday reinstated the Justice Department’s access to secret materials removed from former President Donald Trump’s Florida home last month, providing a victory to federal investigators.

DOJ Two Sets of Rules Trump vs. Clinton

Clinton’s leniency contrasts with Attorney General Merrick Garland’s rigorous investigation of former President Trump and his lawyers for allegedly hindering investigators at his Florida property. Legal experts think Trump’s double standard may be a viable argument.

Hey Texas, Philadelphia is Waiting for a Busload of Migrants

Officials in Philadelphia are getting ready to receive busloads of migrants from Texas if Gov. Greg Abbott chooses Philadelphia as the next stop for migrants who are bused to sanctuary cities run by Democrats. Kevin Lessard, a spoke person for Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney, told Axios that the city is making a list of resources in case people looking for safe refuge end up in Philadelphia.

Trump One, DOJ Still Zero – Appeal to Come

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has requested a federal judge to delay a portion of her order halting its criminal investigation into documents seized in search of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. The DOJ argued that Mr. Trump had no right to the 100 classified documents at the center of the investigation.